Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cows 2, Dave 0

Yes, Dave got into it with a cow again.  A mama cow this time.  According to the kids, he was tagging a new calf and the mama got a little physical with him.  He is okay just bruised and in some pain.  I told him that if he were on a team with the cows he is loosing!  He didn't find much humor in that.  The cow head-butted him in the chest and might have step on his leg.  The kids were with him, Andy got out to distract the cow and try to get it away from him. 

Several years ago my father-in-law got beat up by a cow trying to tag a calf.  He ended up going to the emergency room.  He was okay but really banged up. 

Dumb cows....

I did get the house cleaned today.  The laundry is nearly caught up.  I still need to spray for spiders.  Rachel won't go to the basement without tall boots because of them.  They are those big brownish/black spiders.  They don't do anything except run really fast.  Tis the season for them. 

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