Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kicked By A Bull

Our house has been quite busy since I last wrote.  We made it through the cleaning frenzy and I had enough stuff to have a garage sale.  I decided to have it on June 10th, it was right before Rachel was to leave for vet camp at Purdue.  I thought that it would be nice to "bond" with her over the garage sale.  Her idea of bonding was to sit inside the house where the air was on and watch TV.  She did go out with Dave in the afternoon to help him work bulls and take them around to their "girls".  Around 4:30 she called and said that I needed to come down to the farm where they were that David had been kicked in the face by a bull.  I couldn't leave so I sent my dad and the boys to go and check on him.  He did get kicked in the face and we ended up at the emergency room.  They had to call a specialty surgeon in to sew him back up.  He was lucky that it didn't do more damage.  He looks really good for having 20 stitches.  It cut him between the eyes and right above his right eye, just below the brow.  Thankfully Rachel was with him and she was very brave and helpful.

Rachel went to Boiler Vet Camp on the 12th and we picked her up the following Sat.  She had a lot of fun and learned a lot.  They had a "white coat" graduation at the end.  She met a friend that only lives about an hour from us.  We might try to meet up with them before the end of summer. 

Andy is still trudging along in summer PE.  They walk to the park pool on Tues. and Thurs. and swim for four hours.  He is enjoying it.

Ryan hasn't done anything really exciting this summer.  He is missing his best friend Alina.  He ask almost daily if she can come over.  She has been busy, but soon we will get them together.

That pretty much sums up our life at the moment.  Hope you are having great summer days!

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