Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three More Days

Three more days folks!!  (Well for Andy, Rachel, and I)  Ryan's last day of school is next Wed.  Our last day would have been this Thurs. but with the ice storm we had to go an extra day.  It has finally warmed up here and the guys have been able to get into the fields in between rain showers to get some planting done.  Ryan and I planted the garden last Fri. night and I planted my flowers out in my flower beds. 

Once school is out I plan on deep cleaning the house and getting stuff done that I have neglected from working so much.  I am gearing up to have a garage sale.  The kids and I have to wash the outside of the house this year.  (Not looking forward to that job)

Just a quick update.  I will hopefully have more time to write later and post pictures again after school is out!  Have a good week and a Happy Memorial Day!!

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