Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you are enjoying your holiday!  We are spending ours deep cleaning the house.  Not planned of course.  I did have deep cleaning on my to-do list just not today.  It seems that since last Monday everything has kinda went down hill.  On Sunday our TV quit.  On Monday, our 3 year old, front-load washer started to leak water.  Not a big deal, we thought that there was something in the door and it was just a small leak.  Fast-forward to Wed. night and the thing was gushing water out of the bottom and it would not stop spinning!  Called Thurs. morning to see when they could come and repair it, it would be a week.  I didn't have a week to wait.  I talked to our local store and found out that we really should be using an agitator machine to get our dirty farm clothes clean.  Thurs. night I went to town and bought a new machine with an "auger" in it.  (This is how Ryan describes it.)  Dave and my dad haul it down to the basement and haul back up the other one (with water still in it) and hook up the new one.  I cleaned up the floor and got the laundry area put back together and put in a load of clothes and went out to talk to Dave.  When I went back down to change over the laundry, there was water ALL OVER THE FLOOR AGAIN!!!!  I nearly cried.  It was 9:00 p.m. and Dave had left to help clean out the planter so they could move it out of the field.  I told Andy to go into the cellar and turn on the dehumidifier.  Andy said "Mom, this floor is all wet in here."  I was just in there a while ago and it was fine.  No, it was not fine, there was water everywhere.  The sump pump had quit.  As I sit and type this I am sweating because our downstairs air condition is not working.  To top it all off, last night Andy got sick all over the side of his bed and floor.  Off to town we went this morning to get a carpet cleaner.  I think Gremlins have moved in and are playing havoc on our house.   I know it could be worse.  We have had tornadoes all around us in our state.   Thankfully no one near us was harmed. 

Just a short break, I only have the carpet cleaner for 24 hours.  No rest for the wicked...   

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