Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four More Weeks Of School

Only four more weeks I am not counting the week we are currently in of school and then there will be endless days of freedom.  Wait, what am I talking about, I just signed Andy up for summer classes at the high school and Rachel has her Vet camp and the cows need to be washed and worked for the fair.  Who am I kidding?  I can't believe that Andy will be a freshman in the Fall.  He wanted to take some summer courses to get them out of the way.  He is really growing up and fast.  Rachel was asking if I could sign her up for summer classes!  Not yet sweetie...

It has been raining for what seems to be days here lately.  Tonight one of the kids prayed for it to stop raining at the dinner table and David gently reminded them to be careful for what they pray for.  I am looking forward to getting ready for the farmer's market again this year.  I had so much fun meeting new people and visiting with friends on Sat. mornings last summer.  It will be fun to get back into doing that again.  I may not have any produce to sell if it doesn't stop raining where we can get the garden planted. 

We finally got the hallway finished.  My cousin, Brian, did a great job at laying the carpet.  I am excited to take pictures and share with you.  The walls look nice with the carpet and we move the dresser and pie safe back into their spots.  I am ready to get on with my spring cleaning and get it out of the way. 

Hope you all are having a great week.  We look forward to the rain stopping and it warming up a bit so that we can enjoy our weekend.  Have a good Thursday!

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