Monday, March 14, 2011

A Wonky Blog

Well, I was up last night and got to messing around with my blog and now it looks all wonky.  Maybe not on your end, but on my it does.  Grrrrr...  I am too tired tonight to mess with it. 

Rach and I made it through Zumba.  They didn't kick us out.  We even wore these little skirts that jingled.  Now that was a sight.  They were very kind to us "newbies". 

Ryan got six Mallard ducks tonight at TSC.  Some of the things I let my kids have.  I wonder.  He is currently keeping them in the shop.  My dad is on his way home from AZ and they will soon go to his house to live.  They boys started making a cage for them to live in until they get big enough to hopefully get away from creepy things that would eat them. 

This is so funny, Andy bought a "Journey" cd last night.  It is crazy that they like the same music that we listened too back in the day.  Rachel likes Bon Jovi, Van Halen, AC/DC, and Guns and Roses.  I love it.  I so did not like my parents music when I was young.  Maybe I will rip holes in the knees of my jeans and wear some Keds without socks.  That used to drive my stepmom nuts.   

Well, I need to go and take a shower.  I need to also make sure that I have clean jeans for tomorrow, it is purple and gray day!!  Woo-Hoo!!  Whatever it takes to get to wear jeans to work, I am all for it.  Happy Monday!!

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  1. Alina also wants ducks. What is up with the Duck thing? I can't believe that TSC had them because we had been checking and they were out of everything. I know that Ryan has to be excited. The Manns have 5 ducks too.