Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Musings

Okay, I really wanted to post some pictures but due to time constraints (it is after 10:00 p.m.) I will just write.  I figure it is better to have a post without pictures than no post at all.  I went back to work on Feb. 28 and that explains my absence of blogging.  I'm tired.  Plain and simple.  I will be the first to admit that it is hard to work and keep up with three kids, a house, extra paperwork that the farm creates and everything else that needs to be done.  I feel like I am always robbing Peter to pay Paul, whether it is with time, money, energy, kids, etc.  I think that some days I am in one of those little hamster balls and I go so far and bump into the wall then I get turned around and bump into another wall and on and on it goes.  I can remember when the kids were itty-bitty and I thought there would be some days I would never make it out of the four walls of our house.  We had meals that were all homemade, grown in the garden, and meat that we had raised ourselves.  I even made homemade bread back then.  We rarely ate out, that was a treat.  Now it seems that we are flying by at the speed of light and eating out more and more, eating not as healthy meals, and are hardly ever home.  I will say that we try to eat as a family every night (sometimes that may be late at night) even if it is at a fast-food joint.  I look forward to spring break when we will have a small break from the craziness.  Then it won't be long until summer break.  We will be able to slow down and not have the extra worry of school. 

It was nice out this afternoon and we all went out (except Ryan) and worked some cattle.  There were only 11 to be worked so it wasn't a big task.  It won't be long and the cows will start having calves.  Once that starts the heifers will have to checked about 4 times a day.  Thankfully they are just down the road, that will make the job easier. 

Rachel and I are going to go to our first maybe last "Zumba" class tomorrow night.  I told her I would have to find some spandex to wear.  She was silent.  Then I told her that I could wear some "daisy duke" shorts.  She replied with "you will scar us for life."  I told her that we will call it "Zebra class", that is the code word so no one will know what we are up to.  She just rolled her eyes.  I love being her mom, she makes me laugh.   I will let you know how Zebra goes.  Ha Ha.

I hope you all have a nice start to your week.  Our weather is getting better each day so that helps in the mood department.  Happy Sunday!!

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