Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Week

Hope you all are having a great week.  Some of you that are in the teaching area may not be on spring break yet or have already had it, others of you may not have a specific "spring break" so just take some time and enjoy Spring.  I have a few windows open and am trying to clean house.  I keep getting off track.  We are having really nice weather and that is a plus.  I started off the week being sick.  I had an eye appt. yesterday and I thought I was going to have to cancel.  I made it to the appt. and took Rach to get some things that she needed and we were back home by 10:30 a.m.  We had to drive 45 mins to get where we were going so being back home by 10:30 tells you I was really not feeling well.  I had good intentions of getting to some stores and checking out carpet for our hallway.  (I haven't forgotten about you Brian!)  He is my cousin and said that he would lay the carpet for me.  I have either been too busy, working or sick to make the drive and find some carpet.  I will get there, I just don't know when. 

I have been cleaning out stuff as I clean.  I love to purge items.  Once I get going nothing stands in my way.  My moms teases me about being like the Shakers.  (I think I still own way to much stuff to qualify being a Shaker)  When I tell her I am Shakering my house she knows I am pitching anything that isn't nailed down.  It makes me feel so much better after one of these binges.  I put everything in a box and then either donate it or have a honking big garage sale. 

Hope you are having a fab week doing whatever.  Happy Tuesday!

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