Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Nights Into Zumba & Spring Break

Well, I just got home from my third night at Zumba.  I am starting to really like it.  Now I just need to get on with counting my points since I started paying for Weight Watchers again.  I don't want to do everything in one week though.  I like to think that WW stands for "Wonder Woman" instead of Weight Watchers.  One can wish, can't they?  Back to Zumba, I do like it, it is a work out and not for the weak at heart.  I used to dance in high school.  If I tell you what kind I know you will laugh and say what a country bumpkin, are you ready?  Clogging.  Yep, I was a clogger.  We wore shoes that had double plated taps on the heals and toes.  It was a fast-paced dance.  We dance to country as well as hip hop/fast rock songs.  It kept my legs looking good, then I had kids.  So you see, Zumba is not completely foreign territory, just foreign for this size of body.

On to other good stuff...  Rachel got her acceptance letter from Purdue this week!!  We were doing the happy dance in the kitchen.  You see, she applied for the Boiler Vet Camp they are offering in the summer.   There is a lot of competition and a waiting list if you don't make it the first go-around.  She got in the first time and she also got a partial scholarship that she applied for.  Over spring break she and I will be trying our hand at making dog biscuits.  She is going to sell these to earn the rest of the money she needs.  In June she will be Purdue bound for a week.  Go Boilers!!! 

Speaking of high school reminds me of my senior year spring break.  My bestie Kim and I wanted to go to Florida.  Our parents didn't think that going to FL alone would work so my dad decided that if we saved up the money he would drive us.  Save we did.  We loaded up, I think we even left school a day early, (thanks Mr. Harbison) and headed south.  We had one of those, oh I don't know what you would call it, comfort vans that had the couch in the back that make into a bed, two captain's seats and a TV and VCR.  Those were the days.  We watched "Pretty Woman"  a million times over and over again.  Once in the Sunshine state we got tickets and spent a night and day at Disney World Magic Kingdom.  We actually saw someone we knew.  Dad was cool and let us do our own thing, he just hung out by himself.  We traveled farther south to Fort Myers where my great aunt and uncle lived.  We stayed a few days there then we headed for the beach.  This was the moment we waited for.  Sun, a hotel suite right on the beach and as much freedom as you could possibly get with one parent around.  (He really was cool)  I remember seeing the dolphins playing in the water in the evening time.  It was so fun just to lay out on the beach and do nothing.  We were the only tanned girls when we got back, it seemed that where everyone else went it rained.  There was actually one classmate and her family at the same hotel and beach that we were at.  Those were the days, now I will spend my spring break doing Zumba, checking cattle and cleaning house.

Hope you have a happy start to your weekend.   

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