Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update and Product Review

I officially got released to go back to work yesterday.  My first day back will be Monday.  I am excited and kinda sad too.  I will definitely miss my sleeping in and afternoon naps, wearing my pj's and comfy clothes all the time.  It will be good to get back in the swing of things though.  I will only be back for three weeks and we will have spring break.

I have a few product reviews I wanted to share with you today.  First, is my Shark Steam Mop, I really like the ease of this mop.  I had debated over getting one for about a year.   I read review after review and finally decided to take the plunge.  I am glad that I did.  Before this mop, I had mopped with a bucket and regular mop, the Swiffer mop, a mop that I could wash and a cleaner that I just sprayed on the floor.  All of them left me feeling like my floor wasn't really clean or that there was still a residue on the floor.  Keep in mind, that when we come into the house, we take our shoes off at the door and leave them there.  This helps to keep tons of dirt off of the floors in the first place.  Also, if we have a spill we clean it up right away.  My kids aren't suppose to eat anywhere else in the house but the kitchen, but I know they sneak food here and there.

 Please excuse the pj's.  (It is better to clean house in your jammies!)
 See the steam?  It will burn you, but it does a good job of cleaning the floors.
 This is where the water goes. (did you catch that?  only water needed, nothing else!)
  This is side one that is dirty, just flip the whole unit upside down and you are ready to mop more. 

I actually did a test when I first got the steam mop.  I ran the sweeper (a Dyson) over the floor to get up any loose dirt.  Then I mopped with the steam mop.  I then went over the floor with a Swiffer Wet Jet mop.  The steam mop really did what it said it would.  The Swiffer wasn't dirty at all. 

On to the next product...  David has said for years that I needed to upgrade my kitchen knife situation.  You see I have no clue about knives, expect that I cut myself with them all the time.  I knew that I was going to be preparing a lot of food to put in the freezer for my surgery so in addition to buying what I needed to cook with I bought a new knife.  Boy, was Dave excited..

 It is a Chicago Cutlery Santoku.  (I have no earthly clue what Santoku means, that is what the package called it!)  The plastic case that it came in is a storage sleeve to keep it in.  It is sharp let me tell you.  Yes, I have already cut myself with it.
 It cuts quick, clean and easy.
 Cerely anybody?
See those indentions?  They are to help keep the food from sticking to the knife.  It was a good purchase that I wish I had done a while back.  I still have no idea about knives and what is good for what.  It took me about 30 mins. in the knife isle to decide on this one.  I also got a new cutting board.  It makes cutting up veggies so much faster and easier.  They come out more even.  I look forward to using it with our veggies from the garden. 

There you have it in a nutshell.  Two products used in my house that I would recommend either for yourself or a gift for someone.  Hope that you are having a great week!  I need to go and use my Shark Steam Mop!!

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