Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Ramblings

I have random thoughts racing through my brain.  Maybe it is because of all the drugs I have been hyped up for the past week, the ice storm that hit our state starting Monday night, with a healthy dose of the kids being home from school since Tues.  (It doesn't look like they will be going back until maybe Monday now, Ryan is definitly out until Mon.) 

1st random though - I have still been putting around the house.  I did paperwork today, balanced checkbooks, paid bills, made a new spreadsheet in Excel to keep track of income and outcome.  Ha Ha, do you like that "outcome"?

2nd random thought - need to take Andy to the dr. appt. that we completly forgot about on Monday.  There were a few things going on like getting ready for a BIG NASTY ice storm.  David had to get feed ready for the next morning.  The temps. have been so cold that he tries to get the feed load for the next morning so he doesn't have to start the tractors in the wee, cold hours of the morning.  It is hard on them.  It took him all day to get the feeding done.  He finally drove back in the drive around 4:45 this afternoon from feeding.  (He did take an hour and a half for lunch and a quick nap.)  This cold weather is very energy zapping.

3rd random thought - Rachel and Ryan are leaving very early Monday morning for Honduras.  This will be the third time I have sent one (in this case two) children off into the mission field.  They will be traveling with their Grandpa Roger, David's dad.  He goes every year about this time.  I need to start thinking about get their stuff packed.  You can read more about other Honduras adventures here, & here.

Okay, enough with the random thoughts.  I do have some pics I will be posting in the next few days of the ice storm.  You have to keep in mind they are just taken from the house, I can't actually go outside and take pictures because I might take a nasty  tumble.  Have a warm and cozy evening.

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  1. Is this Ryan's first time going on the trip? How exciting! That is such a great experience for them to share with Grandpa and to begin learning about world missions. Praying for your recovery and for the kids while they're away from home next week.