Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Seventeen years ago today, David proposed to me.  We had started dating when I was 14 and he was 16.  His first words to me were "What is your name?"  He actually skipped a few study halls and got Sat. school for it just so he could come and see me during my lunch.  He was the quiet sort, cute and funny.  It would take me several years before I would even eat in front of him now I will steal food off of his plate and not think twice.  When we were sophomores I can remember being at my mom's house and David was getting ready to leave (I couldn't "car date" until I was 16, but he was allowed to come over and visit) and he asked me in a serious voice if I would marry him.  I, of course, being the silly school girl laughed him off and thought no more of it.  As it turns out he would wait on me until I was ready to settle down and then in college he proposed on Valentine's Day!  A short 5 months later we were married at the young ages of 20 and 22, and now have three children, the oldest being almost 15! Funny, how time moves so quickly. 

One thing that I didn't except to happen is, when we were married I thought I loved him as much as humanly possible.  With each year that passes that love just grows deeper and deeper.  I find myself in awe of our marriage.  It is a beautiful thing. 

I got up this morning and made him a cutie Valentine before he headed off to do the feeding.  Hopefully all of you are having a great Valentine's Day!

Rachel and Ryan update - In two short days Rach and Ryan will be home.  We have talked to them nearly every night.  At first they would end up crying some, but as the week wore on they became more high spirited.  They have all kinds of adventures they relate each evening.  Their plane should land around 11:00 p.m. Wed. night.  I will definitely be there to get them!

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