Friday, January 14, 2011

The Tree Is STILL Up

Seriously, I am about to lose my mind that %&#$ tree is still standing in our living room!!!!!  January 14th people!!  It has been up for well over a month now.  Rachel unplugged the lights so no one going down the road would know that it was still up.  The timer that is on it was messed up and it was coming on and off at odd hours, like it had a mind of it's own.  What is worse is that every time I sit down at the kitchen table to eat I have to look at the blasted thing.  My seat is the one facing it.  I think I will change chairs with someone else.  If it is still up past this weekend I am just going to leave it up until after March.  We can use it to put Rachel's birthday presents under, and I can decorate it for Valentines Day in Feb.  Does anyone else have theirs still up or am I the only nut in the universe with this fake forest in my house?  UGGGGGHHHH!

That is all I can post on tonight, it makes me exhausted just to think about it.  Goodnight!


  1. Okay, You are the only nut! LOL. Sounds like you are a little stressed. Take a deep breath and relax.Who cares! No one can see it from the road.

  2. Here in Germany everyone uses real trees, and then during the week after Christmas there is a day when you put your tree on the side of the road and a truck comes by and collects them. Unfortunately, last year my roommate and I were unaware of this procedure. So, we missed the pickup day and had a real (dead) tree in our living room until APRIL. I understand how you feel.