Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick Check-In

Just checking in, things have been uneventful around here.  (That is a good thing)  I actually went down the steps s-l-o-w-l-y today and folded laundry.  ***GASP***  Don't have a heart attack I am fine.  They said I could go up and down steps if I did it slowly.  I have a folding table downstairs and was able to just stand there and fold for as long a I felt like it and then sit down for a bit.  Being down like this is going to get to me before long.  I am a get up and get going, come as I please type of girl.  I may sneak off to Wal-Mart later this evening with David and "help" with the grocery shopping.  Since I can do the steps, I have plans to maybe do some card making this week.  The only thing that David requires is that I take a phone with me.  I am not equipped with a "I've fallen and can't get up" button.  The phone is the next best thing.

The kids have been really good at helping.  You can here Rachel getting on to her brothers every now and then, "Stop it, Mom doesn't feel good."  Then they will just stop whatever they were doing and look at her and actually do what she says.  It is quite miraculous actually.  I sit back and just chuckle inside.  Ryan stayed in the house almost all day yesterday and layed in the living room with me.  That is saying a lot for a little farm boy who doesn't like to be trapped in the house (wonder where he gets that from??) 

I think I will mosey in and take a shower, that way I will be ready when it is time to journey to Wally World.  I don't want to miss the bus!!

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