Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Christmas Tree Is Still Up

It is January 8th and our tree is still up.  We have never had the tree up this late.  There have been many other things going on and the tree is the last on the list every day.  Tomorrow though it is being put away.  Since it is still up I thought I would share some pictures of it and my kitchen tree with you, since I never got around to posting pictures while it was Christmastime.
 I took some of my recipe cards and photocopied them in color onto cream color card stock.  I cut them out and used some dark brown stamping ink and went around the edges to antique them.  I hung them with red and white checked ribbon.

 I had a vine of red berries that I wove around my "Charlie Brown Tree" and used white lights.  I have been collecting little kitchen items that are old looking, as well as some country red kitchen gadgets.

 This is our big tree in what we call our "old' living room.  It is seven foot tall.  We have nine foot ceilings so we are able to display a larger tree in this room.  The angel on top was made by my Aunt Dorothy many years ago.  All the ornaments on this tree are either ones that the kids have made or ones that have been given to us.  Each year since the kids were born I have bought them each an ornament and wrote the year and their name on it.  They each have a container with their names on them and when they grow up and move out they will have a nice collection of ornaments to decorate their own trees with.  I also buy one family
ornament each year, that way the tree won't be empty when they move out.  I have been able to find several John Deere, cows, pigs, barns, and just farm related ornaments for our growing collection. 

The next two pictures show some handy work from my Aunt Joyce.  She made my dad this Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus.  I have inherited it since he doesn't really decorate for Christmas.  She made the stockings for my kids back when they were smaller.  She passed away this pass April, so this items are even more meaningful to us now.  Ryan still has and sometimes drags around a blanket she crocheted for him when he was a baby.  My grandma was also very good at crocheting, something I did not inherit.  I can knit but only dishcloths.

I hope you enjoyed the after Christmas pictures.  I should have gotten them posted sooner but everything else was higher on the list. 

We got back into the swing of school and work again this past week. I prepared a ton of freezer meals while I was off.  Today I took the kids to a cow fitting clinic that also doubled as a 4-H meeting.  One down and four more to go.  Andy and Rachel are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new baby piglets anytime.  I really do mean anytime, one sow was due today.  More on the pigs later. 

I am going to call it a night and get ready for bed.  Tomorrow is church.  Last night Andy was baptized so tomorrow will be his first Sunday to take communion.  Hope you all have a great start to a new week.

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  1. Your trees are beautiful! Maybe you should consider leaving them up year round.LOL. At least you wouldn't have to take them down.