Monday, December 20, 2010

Two More Days!!

Of school that is.  Ugghh..  I am really in need of a break.  It is snowing like crazy out again.  We can't have a snow day though, we have one more day of finals.  We have got to keep pushing through and get them done.  We had two, two-hour delays last week.  It totally throws the kids in our classroom into craziness.  When their schedule is off, the whole world is off kilter. 

I am looking forward to some time off though.  I plan on getting ALL of the farm paperwork caught up. Like it is ever really caught up!!  I want to get some meals put in the freezer for future use, organize some cabinets, spend some time with my friends that I don't get to see very often, sleep, sleep some more, and misc. other things.  At least I have a plan going into the break, we'll see if I can stick to it and make some things happen.

They are calling for more snow by the weekend.  It looks as though we might have a white Christmas after all.  When I was growing up, we went to Florida to spend the holidays with my grandparents,  there weren't many winters I actually spent in my home state.  I kinda wish I were there now for this holiday.  Palm trees anyone?  It will be a fun Christmas for the kids.  We are kinda playing a prank on Ryan.  I keep teasing him that I am going to make him ride the "local" bus system.  It is called the "Rural Transit", he would be mortified if I actually made him ride it back and forth to school since his school doesn't have bus service.  We found a brochure for it the other day and I am going to put it in his stocking.  HeHeHe....  You can ride this bus service anywhere in our county for like 50 cents or something.  We do live in the sticks so it isn't like your big city bus service.  It is a nice service for people who need it in our rural county, not for Ryan.  He will just be crazy when he finds this in his stocking.  Oh the joys of being a mother....

Well, I am going to take a shower and head for bed.  Hopefully we will get up at regular time and head off to the schoolhouse.  Have a good start to your week.  (If you are where there are palm trees and would like to trade for some snow...) 

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  1. Poor, sweet, little Ryan. Alina and Kole would like to ride on Rural Transit sometime. They have even said that if you were sick sometime mom we could just call Rural Transit. I think that we should be home from Tim and Joans on Wed. We'll need to make plans for an outing.