Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Christmas Get Together And A Night At The Sale Barn

Today we went to my cousin Kathy's house for my dad's family Christmas.  It was a lot of fun being with my cousins.  It is sad how the family is getting smaller than it once was.  We had a good time, lots of laughing and teasing.

On the way home, we made a detour to the sale barn.  We were going to pick up our cattle check, but it wasn't ready yet.  We sent two loads of fat calves to the sale barn last night.  They still had several hours to go before they would start selling the fat calves.  Now, I don't know how many of you have ever been to a sale barn before, but let me just give you a few details of the experience.  First, the smell, too bad we don't have something like a "smell-o-blog", just imagine the smells of a feed lot.  Next, there is an old silo that the building is built around.  To enter the building you walk through this little, dingy restaurant called "Wormies".  You walk up a small set of steps and there are dirty, spit covered, manure splatted bleaches to sit on.  There are a handful of men (spitting of course) and boys and a few ladies sitting and watching one calf at a time being ran through the sale.  Every now and then they will send maybe four through at a time.  One auctioneer and a girl sit in the front to the side.  There is basically no heat, so everyone is wearing Carhartts and every other stitch of clothing they can put on.  It is funny b/c everyone knows everyone else and so the auctioneer has conversations with the bidders while he is waiting for the next calf to be brought out.  Now, keep in mind that this sale has being going on since very early in the morning with the selling of odds and ends junk, hay and other animals.  As the day and night wear on there are less people there.  We have stopped late at night like around 10 p.m. and the sale is still going but there is normally one man bidding for several people.  To the untrained eye it would appear that he is bidding against himself.  All around the building there are livestock trailers waiting to pick up their precious cargo.  Semis with "bull haulers" waiting to load up the large groups of cattle.  It is quite the experience.  If you are ever in our neck of the woods on a Sat. night and have nothing better to do, just call and we will take you to the sale barn.  It is a nice sale barn.  We have always gotten a fair price for our cattle and it is close to home.  The man that runs it, Mr. Giltersleeve, is very kind.  He comes out to the farm to look at the cattle to see if they are ready to go to market.  He has put up with our boys trying to sell him baby birds from a metal toolbox that they made for a house.  The boys figured that if he can buy cattle he surely could buy baby birds!  Kids.

Hopefully you are having a great weekend.  Enjoy what is left of it!   

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  1. Hope,
    I think that i'll pass on the invitation to the sale barn, but thanks for asking.LOL Freezing and a lot of stink does not sound like my kind of fun.