Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

I finally got my dumb  awesome camera and computer to work together and accept my pictures!  Yeah!!  The first picture are  of little paper mice that I cut out from templates I found on Martha Stewart's craft site.  You can find the site here:  I then cut out cute little shapes and the letters to spell B-O-O!!!  How cute.

 The above photo is a pic of the top of my desk were I keep my stamp pads, cards my fellow stamping friends have blessed me with and other pink paraphernalia.  I actually have pink and green John Deere material on top of the desk.  (Kinda hard to see in the picture)
 This is a desk that came from my dad's when he moved.  He didn't have a place for it and I did.  Win-win for both of us.  It makes a great stamping/craft desk.

 Here is my outrageous ribbon collection, or part of it.  Once upon a time I used to make candles and Dave made me a wick holder.  This is now used to house my ribbon spools.  It is basically two, 2X4's with holes drilled in them with a dowel rod slid into them.

 This little table I got at a garage sale to $2.00.  It was an ugly cream color, but with ballet slipper pink (it is always good to have at least five or more cans a can handy when then need arises) I turned it into a great table to hold my Cuttlebug and for storage.  I used old, hand-stitched linens that I also found at garage sales to cover it.  They, of course, are accented in pink also.  Can you tell a them going on here.
 The lamp you see above is from an idea that I found here:  There is this great, antique barn near where we live that I found this lamp at with the shade.  I striped the lampshade down to the metal wire and of course spray painted it ballet pink and put it back on the antique lamp that is accented with pink and gold flowers.  I then used little hooks and hangers to hang ribbons and other different embellishments around on the lampshade wire.  I cut the electrical wires off so that it couldn't be plugged in anymore.  Don't want a fire hazard sitting so near my craft stuff.
This is the grand corner of my craft room.  I also have my cute, little Cricut that sits on it own little table.  I had to take a picture quickly of the room b/c it is normally messing with paper clippings everywhere.  Some days I feel like Edward Scissor Hands when I get busy on a project.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my crafting area.  Maybe once I get supper done and cleaned up I will head up there to make a few things for the classroom tomorrow.  Have a good week. 

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