Friday, October 29, 2010

I Haven't Forgotten About You

I have been having some technical difficulties with my computer this week   The kids were on my, their, our computer and something got all wonky.  I am actually posting this from a kind teacher's at Ryan's school.  We are having a cropping session tonight for Breast Cancer Awareness and so I am using her computer.  You can check out  We had a snow storm when we had the crop last year.  Some of the girls did doughnuts in the parking lot.  How much fun it was for us grown women.  You let us out of the house and you never know what we might do.  Tonight, however, it is October 29 and we are listening to Christmas music.  Hmmmm.  Weird.  Oh well, what can you say.  I need to go and finish sorting all of my pictures that I have stored in boxes since 2007.  I am putting them all in a Cropper Hopper storage box.  It is 9:00 p.m. and I only have until 12:00 to get the job done.  Good thing I had a nap before I came.  HeHe.  Goodbye for now until I get my computer fixed. 

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