Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Stress

As I sit here typing I am waiting for word from Dave on whether John Deere has a part for the combine.  You see, on a normal Sunday morning our house would be bustling with activity of people getting ready for church.  There are those rare occasions though when unfortunatly we don't make it to church.  This is one of those.  Not to mention I have a headache the size of Texas.  Dave came home last night and said that the combine broke.  They had one more field to do that was about 10 acres.  He talked to the John Deere man, and was told there would be someone at John Deere by 8:00 this morning.  I just talked to him on the phone and they didn't have one on the shelf but they thought they had a combine that they could rob one off of.  There aren't very many Sunday's that the guys work.  This is one of the cases were they are calling for rain and they want to get done cutting beans.  They are actually ahead of schedule.  Normally they would have just gotten started with harvest at this time.  They have been harvesting since the beginning of Sept.

Hope you have a good Sunday. 

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