Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hope Actually Wore Jeans Today!!!!!

Okay, I did it. I put on a pair of jeans. It was not fun. You see (if you read my previous post you already have a jist of what I am about to say) I don't believe you should wear jeans until it is just a little past the point of being too cold for shorts or capri's. Even the capri's don't come out until I am back at work, then I mix dress capri's and long shorts until I can't take the cold and then I will wear dress pants. But today I decided I would go out with Dave and "help" him on the farm (I did take a book in case I got bored, but I actually didn't need to use it) with fueling up the combine and dozer and other odd jobs. It looked a little chilly out so I thought I might need to wear jeans just in case. Let's just say that I was mistaken! I did grumble and complain about my jeans and Andrew happliy said "I wear jeans all year long mom!" I know weird child, you were hatch under a rock and you don't know any better. What topped it off was my brother-in-law came over to the shop and walked up to me and said "Wow, I haven't seen you in a pair of these since about March." Yep, and you won't be seeing me in another pair for quite some time b/c the temp. is just to high for them.

The only thing that was really nice that I did wear today were my new bright, pink John Deere gloves. I even offered to let Andy borrow them if he needed. He didn't. I was able to fuel up the combine in style b/c I had them. ;) Dave doesn't know what he is missing with those old, ratty-tatty gloves of his, but they don't make these in his size so I guess he will have to make do. LOL

Ryan and I planted some mums late this afternoon and did some yard work.

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