Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not Getting The Mom Award

Ryan started school this past Tues. He was down in the dumps about having to go back. David took him to school on his first day and I picked him up. The second day I dropped him off and told him that I would see him at 3:15 or shortly thereafter. I got off work and had some errands to run in town, I call David to see how is day was going, talked to my dad and while I was on the phone to my dad it hit me--I completely forgot about Ryan!!!!! How could a mom do this you ask?!?!?! It was 4:00 and I called the school (thank goodness they have aftercare) and talked to the director and explained what had happened. She reassured me that everything was fine. I told her I didn't know how long it would have taken me to remember that he was at school. You see, he had been going with David and my dad for all of these days since we had been back at school and I just normally get off work and go about what I need to do. It may have been a long time before I realized because David normally doesn't come into the house until late. I would have thought that whole time (or until Cindy would have called and started to wonder where on earth I was) that Ryan was at school. What a mom. So, if you leave you your child with me I promise I won't forget them, it is only my own children that has this fate. Poor things.

On another note, I forgot to thank the Soybean Alliance for the tickets I won to the State Fair. There is a group of girls that blog and I entered through one of their sites. I will try to get a list of their blogs on my site here in the near future.

I am off to finish the housework. Hope you are having a great Sat.

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