Thursday, July 8, 2010


Rachel had her first taste of the real working world today. She babysat for two, sweet little boys that live near us. I keep teasing her that I am trying to figure out what I want to spend her hard, earned cash on. LOL!! She just gives me this look like I have gone nuts. I am a proud mom though, she is twelve and very responsible. I enjoy seeing each of the kids start to inch away from home little by little and learn about the world around them. I was talking to a younger mom at the pool last week and she didn't want her little girl to start kindergarten this fall. I told her that although it would be a hard transition on them both, the mom would start to see all the wonderful things that her daughter can do and she will have a sense of awe. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, I don't always like my young ones to go off into the unknown, but we use it to grow and learn.

Rachel just asked if her dad could pick her up from "work" tomorrow. Sat. is my birthday and I think she is cooking something up. That is the other great thing about having a daughter, she thinks of the little stuff that the boys sometimes overlook. She took her dad shopping at Pebbles this past Christmas to pick me out a nice, pink sweater. She and dad are great shoppers. Of course I am not to know about all of this, she hasn't mastered being quiet when she talks to him. He He!! Rachel will be the one to make sure the boys do what they are suppose to when they all become adults. I can just hear her calling them twenty times asking "Did you get mom anything for her birthday, You need to get on with it, I sent you a list of stuff that she would like, I am not doing this for you, ......" I will have to say that the boys have come up with the idea for our 20th wedding annv., to have the 4020 John Deere repainted and new decals put on. Ryan told me that they will make sure there are some pink on it for me too. How sweet, normally people take a nice vacation, have a party, but our gift will be a refurbished tractor. You have got to love them!!

Hope you are having a great Thurs. I am going to make supper, then hopefully we will be able to wash and walk the 4-H cows and pigs.


  1. Hope - It has been a pleasure to read your blog! I enjoy your pictures and your house is adorable! I'm cracking up at your comment about Rachel and taking care of the boys when they get older - because that is exactly what I have to do to my brothers - I'm always texting them reminding them of Birthdays/special occations and such.

  2. Hope! I am so happy I found you in the blogosphere! My blog is over at
    There's a huge group of ag-women folk that have started blogging. You can find a majority of them through my blog if you're interested. Otherwise, look forward to keeping up with you and your prospective search for the perfect canned ham camper!