Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick Update

Just an update on the week's accomplishments; all the kids got blue ribbons on their community building projects. We can find out tonight if they got champions or reserve champions. They were happy with their blues. I worked corn on Wed. and got 34 quart bags to put in the freezer. There is nothing like your own homegrown corn in the middle of winter. Last night we wash and clipped the pigs (they have to have 1/2 inch hair left to go to the fair; fair rule) and washed and clipped the cows. Rachel left this early this a.m. to take her pigs into the fair. I picked more blackberries. I have a friend that is going to take them to the farmers market for me tomorrow morning. If you live local and want some let me know. Well, I am off to change over the laundry and run the sweeper before I leave for the fair. Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

  1. Great job on all your kids getting blue ribbons! This is Ross' first year in 4-H he's doing Archery and he got a blue Ribbon too! He was pretty excited. I have a booth at the fair - I hope you get the chance to stop by - it's for Discovery Christian Academy - I worked tonight, and I will be at the booth Tuesday and Friday night. We will be at the fair Sunday but for Ross' Archery shooting - I hope to see you sometime at the fair!