Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick Update

Hello to all!! Wow this has been a busy two weeks. It will only get worse for the next week as our fair starts Friday. David and I celebrated our 16th anniversary last Friday. We left the kids with family for three days and just hung out by ourselves. It was great.

After picking the kids up we immediately starting getting the last minute stuff ready for the fair. We take in the last of the community building projects in this morning at 9:00. All the kids are showing cattle, Rachel is showing pigs, metal craft and soil and water conservation. The boys are just doing cattle and electric. I say it is MUCH easier to get a 1200 lb. steer ready to show than to get a community building project ready. They are tedious. Some kids take many projects in the community building!! I don't know how they do it. Rachel's pigs go in on Friday and the cows go on Sat. morning. The bad thing is that when the cows have to be there is the same time that Rachel's pigs have to be weighed. Guess who gets to do that job? This year she is taking three cross-bred pigs and one pure-bred Duroc. Andy will show two steers and Rachel and Ryan will show one each. If you have lost count that is eight animals that are being trucked to the fair. Crazy.

They have a carcass cattle show on Sunday at 3:00, Rachel shows her pigs on Monday, the beef show is Tuesday, and the beef fitting contest is on Wednesday. I have to make sure that every one's show clothes are clean, ironed and ready to go, plus back up clothes. You never know when there will be an "accident". I probably won't have time to write again until after the fair. I hope you are enjoying your summer. If you are local, come and visit us. If you are local and bored, come visit and we will find you a chore to do!! LOL Happy Thursday!

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  1. Sounds like you should leave David with the Cows and go with Cindy and I to the CHA. I bet we'll have more FUN! I wish that you could come and have some fun.