Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about being a farm wife:

Many different shoes mean many different activities--feeding, going to the pool, mowing the yard, going to work and of course wearing my pink John Deere hat when needed.

The different smells of a farm wife can vary--preferably I would smell nice with the perfumes above-Pink Sugar, Indian Musk, and Moonlight Path. I usually end up smelling like sweat, cows, and dirt by the end of the day. I have also learned that the less you "smell" good when you go out to feed the less the bugs will eat you!

Mode of transportation is quite interesting also--my Sienna is my choice of travel, but here lately I have been driving Dave's large F350 Ford around. I am also schooled to operate the tractor and several others on the farm when necessary. Dave's truck now has a pink Strawberry Shortcake towel in the seat to keep my legs from sticking in this heat we have been having. (I don't wear jeans in the summer, it is too hot. Yes, you can wear rubber boots with shorts. It makes for a nice fashion statement.)

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