Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School Is Almost Over

Ryan finished school on Friday and Andy, Rachel and I are done on Thurs. Yeah!! Then I can get on with some of the projects I have been wanting to tackle. We had a cookout at my dad's this past weekend with all of my family to celebrate the holiday and bring in summer. All of my first cousins except two were there. That was remarkable, considering we all haven't been together since I was probably a sophomore in high school!

We have had great weather, David and I plowed and weeded the garden on Sunday. That is always nice once it is done. He has been working cattle today. They needed their fly tags put in and their preventive shots. Without the fly tags, they would be drove crazy all summer.

I am off for a bike ride, the air has cooled just a bit and it seems like the thing to do. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You go girl! Keep up that exercise. I wish that it was contagious so i could be motivated.