Friday, June 4, 2010

Garage Sales

What a way to spend my first day off of work. The Hwy 40 garage sales are going on all weekend and I hit quite a few. I had a budget of $35 and I still have some left. I got books, an old window to paint, garden decorations, a small quilt for the porch, etc. I even stopped by a little scrapbook store along the way and got some new paper.

Now I need to get my house cleaned so I can play and do my projects. I have this rule that I can't play until the work is done. (Something my dad instilled in me many years ago) It was fun to see all the stuff people had for sale. Some weird, some expensive, some broken, and some was just right. The one thing I was really excited about was a metal mailbox I got for a dollar. I had just started to ask the people if they had one for sale, when there before my very eyes I laid sight on a perfect white one!! All they wanted was a dollar!! I am going to paint it pink (of course) and put it on a cute post and put it in Rachel's garden to hold my gardening tools. I have been hunting for one for some time. This one is in great condition.

I am off to fix supper now. I will take pics later of all my deals! Happy Friday!!

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