Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Two

I have learned a few lessons with feeding the cows:
  • Always takes a pocket knife with you. I have to cut the string on bales of hay for the 4-H calves and it is hard to do without a knife.
  • Make sure and shut the gates behind you. I had to let Rachel's 4-H pigs out of the barn this a.m., I opened up the gate to get into the lot and proceeded to let the pigs out of the barn. I turned around and low and behold two pigs were so very close to walking out the gate that I left open. Thankfully God was with me and they miraculously turned and went the other way. Let's just say that if they had of gotten out, I would probably still be down there chasing them around the barn lot.
  • Watch were you step in the barn lot. Dave told me of this one area in the feedlot that was really deep. He said no matter what don't walk off in that area. Apparently there are other deep places that he didn't warn me about (it didn't help that we got another two inches of rain last night). Let's just say that I had on my rubber boots that come to just below my knees and the mud was almost to the top of them.

We did hear from Dave yesterday about 3:30 p.m. It was so nice to hear his voice. I knew it was him because of the funny looking foriegn number that showed up on my cell. He said that they made it fine and were heading to the school where they will stay. His dad goes to Honduras every year in Feb. for a mission trip. They go down to do work and support a small school where very poor children of this town attends. This is a special trip because the graduating class is honoring David's dad this year. David had been interested in going with him at some point, but when his dad goes in Feb. it is for about nine days. The feeding is much harder in the winter and I wouldn't be able to take care of it, it is hard to find someone that can come and do that job. This worked out great because it is in the summer and only four days.

Hope your are having a great Tuesday so far. I am off to do some housecleaning and then some errands in town.

P.S. I have been playing around with the look of my blog, please be patient. I am not done with it yet. I don't quite like it, so except more changes.

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  1. Hey Hope! Sounds like the adventures never stop at your place. Just wanted to make sure you know I'm going to be in Greencastle June 23-30 and am sharing at Lifebuilder on the evening of the 23rd (tomorrow night!) about my first year in Germany. It'd be awesome if you and the kids could come! See my blog for details or shoot me an email.