Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I am recouping from a major spring cleaning marathon! You know one of those that is so crazy you can't even sleep because your mind is running a 100 mph thinking of everything that still needs to be done? I had last Thurs. and Fri. off from work and I started cleaning on Wed. night. I took down curtains, rented a rug cleaner, dusted, pitched, scraped, sorted, and just about everything else within a short amount of time. I feel so much better that it is done now. I also have my flowers planted. I need to wash the house that is under the porches and weed Rachel's garden and that will pretty much take care of the major things I wanted to get done. There will be more. You know the saying "no rest for the wicked!!" Well, I am off to mop the kitchen floor and do more laundry. Happy Monday!!

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