Friday, January 22, 2010

Made It Through A Whole Week

Hey there! I haven't forgotten you all. I actually made it through a whole week of work since Christmas break. It was great getting back to a routine again. I came home tonight and passed a great garage sale. Yes, I said garage sale, and it is in the middle of January. Some very sweet people are moving from our neighborhood. By neighborhood, I mean a couple of miles down the road. When you live in a rural area anything within 5 or so miles of you is considered "in your neighborhood". I got some great deals. I then came home and went on one of my crazy organizing sprees. I even got Rachel involved! I planned on cleaning the house when I got home but will do it in the a.m. tomorrow and then I am having a friend over for card making in the p.m. I will post later this weekend. Happy Friday night!!!

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