Friday, January 8, 2010

It Happened Again!

We were out of school again today. Poor Ryan had to go again today. He was doing well this morning until he saw Andy come up the driveway plowing the snow. Then the tears came. I kindly asked David that if we are out of school again if they, meaning he, Rachel, and Andy, could please refrain from doing anything remotely fun looking up by the house until after I get Ryan off to school.

After I got Ryan to school and did a couple of errands in town I headed back home to help Dave with the feeding. He had to take hay out to the cows. While he took the tractor I took the truck and dumped their feed in the feed troughs and did the head counts. In order for me to get an accurate headcount I must find a perch that is higher than the cows. This is not an easy task when you are all bundled up and everything is slippery. Nevertheless I accomplished my task. At one farm we have to drive up a somewhat steep driveway. My first try up I was in the wrong gear, so I backed my way down. (This drive has sharp curves in it also) Finally after 3-4 tries with the truck in 4-wheel drive I did make it to the top of the mountain. Now you have to imagine this truck of David's, it is a big, Ford truck that is a cab and a half so it is also on the long side. It fits him well as he is a tall guy. I on the other hand am short. I have to move the seat ALL the way up to where I am almost sitting on the engine just to reach the clutch. Once I made it to the cows at this farm I dumped their feed and proceeded to back my way out of the lot. Should be easy, right? No, there are ruts where the tractor and truck have been when it was soupy out that are now frozen. Dave was in front of me on the tractor, so he kept flagging for me to keep going. The truck was bouncing everywhere. It felt like I was in one of those automatic car washes where you have to line your tires up just right. Only my tires were not line up with anything. Let's just say that I did get the truck turned around and made it on to the next farm. I am still cold from the outing.

It is suppose to be very cold this weekend. They said that it would be 2 degrees on Sunday morning. With these temps we have been carrying 5 gallon buckets of hot water to thaw out the automatic waters. It isn't a bad chore except the waters are a bit far from the house. I guess it is job security.

We hope you all have a great weekend and that you stay warm! I am off to bundle back up under the covers for the evening.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder if i was going to get an update on your day or not. I didn't post a card yesterday for the first time since i started blogging. How sad! I will today at some point though. Take care and stay warm!