Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dress Clothes and 18-Wheelers

I knew that title would get your attention! Actually we talked about attention getter's in Language Arts class today (8th grade of course). I really was naive about thinking that when Christmas was over our lives would settle down and we would have nice, peaceful, cozy winter evenings at home. I would get home from work, make our nice supper that I had planned and then cozy up on the couch with a good book each evening. Keep dreamin sister, it is not happening. Right now there is one kid in the room I am in yelling for another kid to come to help them just so they don't have to take off their shoes (they are following my "no shoes in the house rule"), Papa Murphy's pizza is sitting on the cabinet ready to go in the oven to be baked and I am far from my cozy couch with my warm p.j.s on. Actually I just pulled in the drive a little while ago only to see the door on one of the farm semi's fly open and Dave's truck go flying around the shop and pulled up in front of the semi. I innocently went down to ask if he need help. Yes, he did. The semi would not move because of the snow so he needed to have it pulled with his truck. I daintly stepped through the snow/mud in my nice little ballet work shoes only to be put in his 4-wheel drive truck to pull the big rig out. I hate having to be the pullee, you never know if the chain is going to fly, whether you are suppose to go or stop. Oh, it is just a job not suited for the weak at heart. The semi moved finally with the truck, the yard is now a bit more rutted but at least the beast moved and is now safely in the shop for the night. I am now going to go and take my bath and see what the rest of the evening has in store for me. Maybe I will be able to sit down for a little bit, I won't get my hopes up though! Happy Wednesday!

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