Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I Made My Mom For Christmas

Grrrr...... That top picture is turned the wrong way. We are getting a new computer next week. Maybe it will come with a program that will be easier to turn the pics. Imagine it the other way. My mom collects 30 style material so I made her this little scrapbook that she can keep pieces of her material in. It all folds up and fits in the tin. How clever!
I plan on posting more of the cards I make in the new year. So check back and see what I have created.
On another note, we put away all the Christmas decorations tonight. It is amazing at how much space all of that takes up. I feel so much better now that it is put away. It was nice while it lasted but there comes that moment that I have just had too much of it. Tonight was it! I am going to go and put on my pj's and sit down with the book I have been reading and spend the rest of the evening on the couch.

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