Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It Is Snowing Again

Hello everyone out in blog land! It is snowing again this afternoon. I think we are suppose to get around another 2 inches during the night. The kids are loving it because they are out of school and can be out in it all day long. I took in our downstairs computer this morning to have everything converted over to our new computer. I feel bad for the man at the computer store having to deal with me and all of my questions. He probably cringes every time I walk through the door. Maybe I will make him some cookies when I go to pick up the new computer. I probably won't blog as much for the next week until I get that computer back. I am lazy and have to walk all the way upstairs to use the office computer. (Our preacher just did a sermon over laziness last week...) I am off to dust and clean up the desk where the dinosaur computer sat. See you after the snow is done flying!!

1 comment:

  1. My husband just got back from Oklahoma, where snow hit last week. Makes him glad we don't live in that climate. I think it's beautiful. As long as it isn't in my yard and I have to walk through snow and ice!