Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good Smell of Wood Smoke

How many of you grew up burning wood for your main source of heat? We had a nice wood stove in our kitchen when I was growing up. We had base board heaters, but the wood was the main heat. That is were we got dressed on cold mornings, dried our long hair, hoovered around it on really cold days. I still love the smell of wood smoke. We have a wood furnace in our basement now. The great thing about the wood furnace, beside the fact that it pumps the warm air throughout the house in the air ducts, is that our boys are old enough to start the stove and man it on their own. I don't have to climb the steps anymore to load it several times a day. They even bring in the wood on their own. It is wonderful, mom stays clean and warm and the boys are happy to play with the wood and fire. It is a win-win for all.

I do have one funny story about the wood furnace that happened last year. It was a day that was cold and I decided that I would start the stove. It was the first time the stove had been started for the year. I do need to add this one minor detail, this was the day that David was out at the west edge of the county working cattle. He would not be home until late that night, once you start working cattle you must finish. No problem, I could handle the stove. I got it started and all seemed to be going well, until the smoke started filling the house. Okay, I need to add one more minor detail, Ryan is allergic to a lot of wood smoke. I am telling you the whole house was full, Ryan was starting to cough, Andy and Rachel were going berserk, and just then the phone rang. You will never believe in a million years who was on the other end!! A firefighter wanting to know if I would like to make a contribution to a good cause. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I could not believe my luck, I start the stove and it fills the house and I really needed a firefighter, one calls but can't really help me and needs money. How weird. If I were in my right frame of mind at that moment I would have dashed out and bought a lottery ticket. I mean weird luck was on my side at that moment. After I explained as calmly as I could how I could not donate at the time (I am thinking to myself, all of my money is going to be spent cleaning up this smoke mess.) I got off the phone and was able to start opening windows and turning on ceiling fans. I even got a box fan and put in one of the front windows to pull the smoke out. By the time Dave arrived home most of the smoke had gone. Thankfully I don't have neighbors that live close enough to actually be able to watch what I do. Here I was trying to warm the house and I had all the windows opened and the curtains pulled back like it was 105 degrees out. Needless to say, I learn my lesson the hard way (again) and I will not try to start the stove without Dave being on the farm somewhere.

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