Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Is Good

Hello! Can you believe that it is November already? Time flies by so fast. I have been working mostly full-time lately. Dave has been in and out of the fields with harvest, it seems that they will get a few clear days and then the rains come again. The kids are busy with school, Rachel finished up her fall soccer season a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to keep them in the house to study in the evenings when it is nice out and dad is in the fields. I guess there could be worse things to fight with them about. They learn so much from living on a farm.

We are preparing to send a semi load of cattle to Iowa next week to be finished out. We contract with a feel lot to feed them and sell them at their facility. David and I took a trip out to one of the feed lots a couple of years ago and it was amazing to see the amount of cattle in one area. We will still finish out some here at home. It will become more laborious to feed now that the weather is turning. When things start to get muddy and sloppy, it takes a long time in the mornings to get through with the feed truck. (Sometimes feeding can take the entire day!)

There are plans in the making for Thanksgiving. We will probably stay home and celebrate with family here. It will be a sad holiday, this will be the first without David's Grandpa Robert and Grandma Virginia. I have already started my Christmas shopping. I hope there are some good deals on black Friday.

I think I hear the laundry calling my name... It always does that when I am busy with something fun. Hope you are enjoying your fall. I will try to get some pictures of harvest and post soon.

(Speaking of harvest, I think I can hear the big beast (combine) coming down the road now.)

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