Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Starts For One Child

Yesterday was Andy's last day of school. Rachel and Ryan have to go until June 3. They are moaning and groaning that it isn't fair. I told them to get over it, when the public school started in the fall Rachel and Ryan's school didn't start until a week later. I can understand why farm kids left school early back in the day. There is so much to do when the weather turns that it would be helpful to have the 6 extra hands at home to help out with the work.

It is raining again today so the guys aren't in the fields. They did make a dent in the planting before the rain came. I was able to get my garden planted last week. I will have to take pictures of it. The corn rows are very curvy. (Probably a reason I don't get to plant the corn in the fields) Oh well, as long as the vegetables produce I don't really care if the rows are straight or not. It gives the farm hands something to talk about. We need to put up a lot of produce this year. Last year the rains kinda ruined the garden and we didn't put up any beans. I need to can green beans, pickle relish, tomato juice, and I need to freeze corn, summer squash, peppers, onions. We have two rows of potatoes that we will store in the well. We also have blackberries and raspberries so those will be turned into jelly. David's great-grandparents were featured in a farm magazine many years ago and it talked about their "Victory Garden". It was amazing at the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables they put up. I will have to bring the article down and share some of the info with you in the near future. It makes my garden seem like a postage stamp. There is nothing better than being able to put food on your table and know that the whole meal is off the farm. (We raise our own meat also)

Well, I need to get on with the laundry. That will take the rest of the day. Since it is raining, it will be a good job to get done.

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