Thursday, April 2, 2009

30 Minutes on the Elliptical

I just finished my first 30 minutes on my new/used elliptical machine. It wasn't too bad, I am still up and breathing. Of course it is set up in the basement in front of the TV that has satellite on it. You honestly didn't think I would work out without the aid of entertainment did you? I will keep you posted on my progress. If I am accountable to someone in cyberspace maybe I will stick with it.

Rachel was home sick again today. She feels okay, but she keeps throwing up. Yesterday, she told my mom that she had the "scours". (For those of you that don't live on a farm, that is what baby calves get sometimes. Let's just say that what goes in one end comes right back out the other.) She is such a farm girl. Can you imagine when she starts to date, (if that ever happens) and she gets sick and tells the guy, "Sorry, can't go out tonight, I have the scours!" LOL
Hopefully she will be fine to go back to school tomorrow.

My dad is home from AZ. He got home last night. He is picking the boys up from school. Poor Ryan was so confused yesterday on whether he was really home with it being April Fools day. He should be finding out that is was true when Grandpa picks him up. Ryan couldn't even hardly sleep he was so excited about the idea that Grandpa was in the same town! Dad has only be gone for about 3 months this time. Normally he is gone for about 5. I think Dad was just as excited to come home to see all of the kids as they were about him coming home.

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