Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Happens When People Text and Drive

This is the farm's feedtruck. Kenny, who works for the farm, was driving to Mt. Meridian to unload feed when a truck passed him. The kid in the truck was texting on his phone and was either on Kenny's side or almost. Kenny pulled over as far as he could and tried to continue on and the ground was soft and jerked the steering wheel from his hands and the truck rolled over to it's side. It was completely loaded with feed. Thankfully, Kenny walked away with only a sore body. It could have been much worse. The sad part is that the kid probably has no idea that it even happened because he was so engrossed in his phone, he just drove on. If you have kids, show them this picture and explain to them the dangers of been distracted while driving. The truck wasn't in bad shape for what it had been through. It actually started up after it was set back up. Dave was joking that if it needed work on the underside done that would have been the best time to do it.

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