Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

What does a farm family do for spring break? Wait and watch for the little calves to emerge into the world. Calving season has officially begun and the kids are excited. The kids have also been able to spend a great deal of time with their cousins. I had to take the kids to a couple of doctor appointments, and we went to Chuck E. Cheese. That place is a $30 headache, but the kids had fun. I even played a little ske-ball. I had planned to take the kids and my sister's boys to the circus that I thought was on Thurs. I had the day wrong and we missed it. It was on Tues. What a bummer, just because I couldn't read right. They both started with T and I had Thurs. on the brain. Maybe next year... Now I need to come up with some other great idea to do with the 5 kids. Too bad we already did Chuck E. Cheeses. I don't think I can handle it twice in one week, not even in a month, only once a year. Ryan had to have some warts froze off of his foot yesterday and he has been on the couch since then. It was quite a large area and this was the third time they have had to freeze them. It is quite painful. He is either crawling everywhere or we carry him (not an easy task). Today someone stopped by the house to drop something off, he said he would get the door. He crawled over, opened the inside door and never stood up. I could hear the lady ask him if his mom was home and he said yes, then without ever standing up he reached up and opened the door got the paper and said thank you. I was laughing so hard because here is a grown boy crawling on the floor with his foot stuck up in the air and talking to this lady. I could only imagine the look on her face, you could tell by her voice she was a bit puzzled. It still makes me chuckle. Well, to finish off spring break we are going to have my sister's boys spend the night and then just hang out with Dave on the farm. He has already had to pull one calf and help another one learn to nurse from it's mom. I guess that even though we missed the real circus we still kinda live in a circus some days just with different animals.

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