Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kids and Calves

Well, the kids have actually started working with their 4-H calves and it is only March. I am so tickled, normally we wait until school is out and the calves are the size of monsters. This is Ryan's first year in 4-H and the kids are each just taking one steer. Normally they would take a steer and heifer each. That is a lot of calves to wash and walk. Now we only have three and it is like having only one kid to take care of. They are doing great with them and they aren't fighting amongst themselves (the kids that is). Normally, one gets really bossy (Rachel) and one gets hard-headed (Andy) and one just stands there and cries (Ryan). It is still early in the season but I do see a lot of maturing in each of them this year. It is nice to see how they grow from year to year with taking care of their animals. The first year Andy needed lots of help, but now he is doing a lot on his own. Happy 4-Hing!!

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