Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bull Sale

Happy Sunday to all! Yesterday we spent the day together as a family, in an odd way. Andy actually went with the extended family and Dave and I took Rach and Ryan to this bull sale. Let me set the scene for you. All week I have been preaching that on Sat. we (me and the kids) were going to clean the house. We were actually going to mop floors, dust everything, fold and put away ALL of the laundry. It was going to be a major undertaking, not just the cleaning but getting the kids to work together and do a decent job. My theory is that they need to learn how to been self-sufficient when they are grown and that means how to live in a clean home. Well, it took all week to get my energy and mind-set ready for this large task at hand. Wammy, that is when my dear husband came in and told me about this bull sale he wanted to go to. (You see, I look at bulls as a necessary evil!) Okay, so you have a sale and I will keep the kids home and clean house with me. No, he talked me into letting the letting the kids go (Andy actually went to farm sale with his grandpa and uncle). He stopped by the house Sat. morning to pick up the kids and he asked " So, do you want to go with us?" As I hurried out of my pjs, and slapped some deodorant on, all I could think of was "I could have never left the house this quick when we were dating, it would have taken several hours to get ready for a bull sale back then." I did what I could to my hair and ran into the kitchen to throw some cereal into a bowl to take with me. I did grab a book to read (you never know what might come when you leave with Dave). I needed something to occupy my time in case boredom struck. I was under the impression that it was just a "little" bit north of Lafayette. It was more like on the other side of the world. We just kept driving on this not so smooth roads and I kept asking "Are we even close?" Dave answered with a "I kinda left out the part that it was a 2 hour drive." Uggh. What made it worse was that Ryan, bless his heart, was in the back seat talking non-stop. I finally nicknamed him Chihuahua, because he was yapping like one. We finally arrive at the sale. There weren't very many people there. I didn't bring my camera and learned my lesson. The bulls were tame enough to pet and walk right up next to them. We looked at the bulls and the main man went through and got bids and then it was over. All of about 15 minutes at the most, and we had just drove for 2 hours with a yappy kid! I suppose some families spend time together doing sports, racing, camping, we on the other hand go to bull sales. I guess it doesn't matter what you are doing what matters is being together. Needless to say, the house is still dirty, the clothes still aren't washed, folded and put away and there are dishes that need to be done, but there will always be tomorrow and if there isn't at least we spent time together.

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