Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Beast and Calving

Well, I went on Craiglist (for those who don't know about it, it is like an online garage sale fairly close to your home) and found an elliptical machine for $200.00. It was located in Brownsburg (about an hour from here) and the seller was willing to take $150.00 for it. I went this evening and picked it up, it was the only time this week that I was able to go. Dave had to go back up north to pick up the bull that we purchased a couple of weeks ago and was a little concerned for my safety. I told him that I would be fine, who would want a frumpy mom and three kids? He made me call Flynt, one of the guys that works on the farm. I told him that I had permission from my husband to go out on a date with him. He got a chuckle out of that (he is 23). We went and picked it up and the people were very nice, not the criminal kind. I will have to keep you posted on my progress when I get the beast moved into the house and start using it.

On another note, the calving season is in full swing. Actually, as I type this there is a heifer calving north of our house. Rachel has a great view from her bedroom window of the pasture. We have about 120 cows/heifers to calve and there have been about 20 born so far. We have lost four due to different circumstances. No bottle fed calves yet, that is a good thing, not only for me but for the calf. They grow better when they can stay with their moms. I like this time of year when all the new babies are being born. There is a man down the road from us that has sheep. It is always fun to drive by and look at the cute little baby lambs. I held a baby rabbit at TSC yesterday. One look at Dave and the answer was no. He used to show rabbits in 4-H and has had his fill of them. Oh well, the kids have enough animals the way it is.

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