Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rachel is Preparing to Leave for Honduras

Happy Thurs.! My hands don't really want to work, they are so cold. I just came back from eating lunch with David in the shop. I even drove my car down there and my hands are still a bit numb. The temp here is -3, I am really over this cold weather and snow. Anyway, on to other news, Rachel will be leaving Monday for Honduras. David's dad, Roger, took Andy and his cousin last year and this year it is Rachel's turn and another cousin. They go to a school that is funded through missions. Roger has been going for several years and decided that it would be good to take the grandkids. She was having doubts this morning, I told her she would be fine. She doesn't want to leave her mom, she is only 10, almost 11. She will be gone from Feb. 9 to Feb. 18. That is a long time to be without your family. I tried to reassure her that her brother made it last year just fine. The boys have been running around cheering that she is leaving, but come next Monday I imagine one of them will break down and miss her. I have my money on Ryan. I will let you know which one misses her first. My hands are still not wanting to work right, I think I should go lay down on the couch and rest them until time to go get the kids from school:)


  1. She just told me today and I'm so excited for her!! I remember this time last year when Andy was gone (it was my first week at Peace) and Ryan would not stop talking about Andy. He's very proud of his sibs even if he won't admit it. :)

    And you guys should look into Skype - you can talk online for free, if they will be somewhere with computer/internet access. You can even see each other if you have webcams.

  2. ps, i have a webcam if you need to borrow it. :)