Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rachel Called Tonight

Exciting news, Rachel called tonight! I almost didn't answer the phone because it said "Unavailable 1-000-000-0000". Weird number, I figure it was a telemarketer, then when I answered there was this little voice saying "Mom, mom" I thought it was one of the boys picking up another phone, then I realized it was Rach!! She said she is having fun, they are going shopping for souvenirs tomorrow. She is almost done with all of her homework. Her and Kendra, her cousin, sat in on a few classes at the school. She was excited when she saw cows walking down the road. (That happens at home on occasion) She said that she missed us but hadn't cried. (I almost cried when I hung up, I could actually cry now if I think about it too much) Well, I just wanted to let everyone know that I did hear from her. I am still waiting for Dave to come home from the farm show. I think I will go and enjoy something on TV for the rest of the evening.

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