Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Thursday

Today Dave and the guys from the farm went to the big farm show in Louisville, KY. I went with him last year and it was quite boring. They definitely need a woman to plan that event. It was all just a bunch of farm equipment. Nothing interesting for ladies at all. I opted to stay home this year. The boys and I are going out to eat this evening. That should be fun. Is anyone doing anything fun for Valentines Day? We aren't, I plan on cleaning house and we have 4-H calf weigh-in. I think the kids are just taking a steer each this year to the fair. It is Ryan's first year in 4-H. If each kid took both a steer and heifer, we would have six to manage from here until fair. Plus Rach and Ryan are taking two pigs each. So now we should only have seven total animals to manage. In the years past Andy and Rach have taken two cows each and two pigs each. The cows have to be washed nearly daily once they get out of school in May and that is also the time that Dave becomes very busy. Guess who gets to help with the crazy cows? So mom is very excited at the prospect of only three!! Later on as the kids get older it will be easier to take more animals. The funny part is that the family next to us in the barn has three kids also, so when we get to taking more and more cows we kinda tend to dominate our area. I guess that is what they mean when they say there is strength in numbers.

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