Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Farmer Wife's Life

Last night at supper Dave and I were talking about our day. He told me that he was going to start moving cattle around. The cows are to start calving in March and they have to be in the proper places. He calmly asked "Are you working Monday?" I knew at that moment that he needed something. (I am a substitute teacher) I answered with a "No, not yet what do you have in mind?" He needs help moving cattle. (That will be another blog later, Monday if I am able to physically get on the computer, later if not.) It should be fun, I am looking at it like bonding time with my husband. I am trying to be optimistic! No, really calving seasoning is an exciting time. We normally end up with bottle fed calves, the kids then take on the responsibility of taking care of them. Calves must be taught how to nurse on a bottle and have to be fed several times a day. Some calves are easier to teach than others. The first time heifers have to be checked quite often too. Early morning, noon, late afternoon then again right before bed, sometimes during the night if one is in labor. But, this is how we make our living, it teaches our kids lessons they otherwise would not learn (Rachel got to help deliver her own 4-H calf last year), and it is a good family bonding time. Happy Calving!!

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