Tuesday, February 17, 2009

David's Leg and Rachel

Well, we ended up at the ER last night. David hurt his ankle while working in the shop. I knew he hurt it but I knew it was serious when he asked me to take him to the ER. Now he is hobbling around on crutches and knocking everything over. He didn't break it, only a very bad sprain. They said that if it didn't start to get better in 5-6 days that he would probably have to have a CAT scan done. Fractures don't always show up right away. The other exciting news is that Rachel is coming home tomorrow night. Yeah!! I am so happy to get to see her. It has been a long nine days. Last night she called home and Ryan answered the phone and the first thing he blurted out was "Dad is in the hospital!!". My mom was home with the boys while we were at the hospital and Rach got all upset. She called back later after we got home and talked to David. I think with being homesick and her daddy being hurt she is really ready to come home. We are going to try and take "Gimpy" to the airport with us tomorrow night. I told him I might call the Dr. to see if I can get a handicap sign for the car! I was going to get a wheelchair for him, but he said he would use his crutches at the airport. I told him last night that he was not allowed to use his crutches to tap and poke me with them. When his grandma was using her cane she would poke at you if she couldn't reach you. It was like an extension of her arm!! Of course when I got him home guess what he did? When we remodeled last year we put in a second bathroom and he was able to use our "handicap" shower last night. It is just a shower with two seats in it, you just step into it. He was so drugged that it really was helpful. Ryan asked tonight if we had extra wide doors in the new part of the house because of dad's leg. I will report later on Gimpy and the arrival of Rach.

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