Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cool Website About Farm Wives

For all of you that are interested,even a tiny bit, there is a website I just found called It is quite amusing. As I was reading, Monday night came to mind. Dave asked if I wanted to ride along to town with him. I knew that he had hurt his ankle but didn't think it was that bad, so when I agreed to go to town I thought we were just running in and coming back home. Not that easy. I should have learned by now that when you are asked by a farmer to go and do something you should follow these simple rules, look presentable and bring something to read, maybe some food and proper clothing for the job or jobs you might have to perform on these small journeys that could end up to be hours long. On Monday night I hopped in the truck with a pair of crocs on and my dress clothes that I had worn to school that day. The shoes did not match the outfit by any stretch of the imagination. I didn't bring my purse either, why should I, I was only running across town and he was driving. Needless to say when we got to our destination and he looked at me and said, "I think you need to drive and take me to the hospital," I never even worried about how goofy I looked in my crocs and dress clothes. I just knew I had to get my dear husband to the ER. (Let me tell you that driving the feed truck is much easier than driving his farm truck.) By the time we arrived at the hospital my nice dress pants were smudged with dirt from trying to shift gears and drive without killing us. He told me that he couldn't walk into the ER alone, that I needed to get him a wheelchair. I am quite sure that in order to become a nurse they give you a class on how to drive one of those. After I got him wheeled into the waiting area, I headed back out to park the very large farm truck into tiny compact size parking spaces. Back inside he was taken to a room, where I removed his very dirty, size 12 farm boot. The last nurse that came in to fit him into the aircast said she didn't want this "dirt" all over her clothes for the rest of the night. What did she think I had all over my clothes? What you will do for people you love. I never know what kind of an adventure I will end up on when he calls and ask me to go somewhere. I know that I will always try to go along if I can because it is time that we are able to spend together regardless of what we are doing. That is the benefit to being married to a farmer.

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